"The Sermon"

"The Sermon" is actually a collection of 15 sermons that focus on Christ's sermon on the mount, found in Matthew 5-7. They are presented by top speakers from churches, conferences and universities as part of the 17th annual One Project conference, which was held in San Diego, CA in February 2015.



Matthew 7:28-29- Randy Roberts 

Matthew 5:1-12- Japhet De Oliveira 

Matthew 5:13-16- Chris Oberg 

Matthew 5:17-20- Alex Bryan 

Matthew 5:21-26- Tim Gillespie 

Matthew 5:27-32- Ivan Williams 

Matthew 5:33-37- Laurence Turner 

Matthew 5:38-48- John McVay

Matthew 6:1-18- Sam Leonor

Matthew 6:19-24- Emily Whitney 

Matthew 6:25-34- Karl Haffner 

Matthew 7:1-6- Michaela Lawrence Jeffery 

Matthew 7:7-12- Dilys Brooks 

Matthew 7:13-27- Dwight Nelson