(Arranged alphabetically)


Board of Directors 

Basil Nahab

Carolyn Thompson

Don Wright

Ganim Hanna - Vice Chair

Hannah Luttrell

John Thomas

Kerry Heinrich

Kevin Lang

Lawrence Geraty - Chair

Ralph Watts

Randall Roberts

Roland Zimmermann

Sheila Hodgkin 



Don Wright - Treasurer

Ganim Hanna - President/CEO

Hannah Luttrell - Corporate Secretary




Corporate Vice Presidents 

Derrell Mundall - VP Production

Don Wright - VP Finance

Gary Schiller - VP Technical Operations

Hannah Luttrell - VP Corporate Communications

Jay Hughes - VP Development

Lili Sararu - VP Marketing & Community Relations

Marlon Paley - Sr VP General Operations



Duane Fike - Publications Manager

Evie Roach - Volunteer Manager

Leonard Cummings - Studio Coordinator

Mekensie Campbell - Manager of Smart LifeStyle TV

Sterling Peter - Senior Engineer

Wesley James - International Relations Director


Support Staff (salaried)

Briana Niely - Public Relations 

Jay Hughes - Gifts &Trust Officer, Donor & Viewer Relations

Jessica Paley - Master Control operator, Office support

Lili Sararu - Accountant

Mekensie Campbell - Project Coordinator

Thal Syhabout - Scheduling 



LLBN Arabic

Edmond Haddad - Chair

Basil Nahab - VP

Sterling Peter - Director

Fain Nahab - Assoc Director


LLBN Chinese

Richard Liu - Chair

John Wang - Vice Chair

Marie Char - VP

Hannah Luttrell - Director

Emmy Lin - Assoc Director

LLBN South Asia

John Thomas - Chair

Josef Selvaraj - VP

Wesley James - Director


LLBN Latino

Derrell Mundall - Senior VP

Pablo Gonzalez - VP

Samuel Rodriguez - Programming Director

Humberto Rasi - Chair, Advisory